INKAS’ Armored Lincoln Navigator L SUV Can Take On Grenades And Gunfire

The Lincoln automotive line is at the pinnacle of luxurious four-wheeled prestige, boasting some of the industry’s finest SUVs and touring vehicles. Its various platforms are tailor-made with a focus on comfort, lavishness, and protection — the latter of which has been exacerbated by INKAS’ famed armor treatment for one of the year’s most formidable automotive examples.

INKAS Armored’s newest project has emerged under the guise of Lincoln’s tried and true Navigator — a large, cumbersome SUV that oozes high-class style, making it a favorite among VIPs and government officials. Referencing the vehicle’s inherent high-profile qualities, INKAS has decided to make the Navigator a bit more durable, thanks to the inclusion of its state-of-the-art armoring solution, 360-degree ballistic protection, premium ballistic windows, and an upgraded suspension system to take on the additional weight of the company’s CEN 1063/BR6-rated plating. Below the hood, a powerful 450-horsepower, twin-turbocharged 3.5L engine pairs with the vehicle’s 10-speed automatic transmission and variable drive modes that cater to a variety of different styles and needs. But the Navigator isn’t all business — inside, luxurious additions like Active Motion premium leather seating and a Revel Ultima 20 speaker surround sound system provide creature comforts befitting of the luxury namesake. Head to INKAS’ website for more info.

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