Infinity Pillow

Like that 25th guy on an MLB roster who can play short, second, right field, catcher, and even sell peanuts if has to, the Infinity Pillow is all about versatility.

Modeled after the Möbius strip, this jack-of-all-comfort-trades is at your disposal for whatever you need. Neck cushion for a long flight? Check. Noise-canceling pillow? Sure. Eye mask? Yes. Desk pillow? Certainly. Scarf? OK. Foot warmer? No problem. Hey, perhaps the list of roles the Infinity Pillow can’t fulfill is shorter. Off the top of our head, we’re guessing it can’t double as an espresso machine, Wi-Fi hotspot, exotic dancer, or crouton, but really, that’d be asking a lot of any product. [Purchase]

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