Infiniti Q60 Black S Concept

Much in the same way that technology developed for the armed forces or NASA has worked its way into the civilian market, the engineering developed to give F1 drivers a competitive edge on the track is finding its way into street legal cars. Just take a look at Inifiniti’s Q60 Black S Concept.

An aggressive 400 HP 3.0 liter twin turbo V6 is the primary source of power for this vehicle, but what really sets the concept car apart is the fact that the already formidable engine is paired with KERS. KERS, standing for kinetic energy recovery system, converts energy developed while braking and stores it in a flywheel on the car. When the car most needs it – it taps into this extra store of energy, adding up to 100 HP (or so says Infiniti). for an overall output of 500 ponies. Along with this pretty wild technology, the Q60 Black S Concept is outfitted with a fully carbon fiber body kit, racey flaring, and a set of 22 inch wheels. Who knows whether this thing will make its way out onto the road anytime soon – but if it does it’d be the first production car outside of a Mclaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder to be fitted with one KERS.