Inferno Cocoon Hammock

For the most part, the last thing folks think of when they look out into a snowy outcropping set deep in the woods is, “I sure would like to set up a hammock here.” Sierra Madre Research is trying to change that with their Inferno Cocoon Hammock.

This sleeping system is essentially meant to make your summer hammock ready for winter temperatures by using a specially made TopQuilt and UnderQuilt that serve as an exterior sleeping bag. Both portions of the system are made from a hydraSHIELD fabric that protects from inclement weather, and a water repellent RDS 800 fill power DownTek that’ll keep you warm well into the night. In addition to the great material and fabric, the interior Flow gate technology on both quilts allows for heat to flow evenly while keeping the down insulation in place. More than being just a simple blanket, the Inferno top boasts a hood and foot nest along with a backless design that makes it easy to get in and out quickly and easily. You can pick these up in either a 30 or 0 degree ratings. Prices are start at $340. [Purchase]