Infento Modular Electric Vehicles

A few years back, the folks at Infento introduced a line of modular buildable vehicle kits designed to get kids into creative building – like life-sized ridable LEGO. Now the brand is back with some serious upgrades and a bundle of new modular electric-powered rides.

With a number of different available options, the new Infento sets have the ability to create a whopping 32+ different ride-ables. And while it still gives kids the option for manual and pedal power, these ones can also be equipped with an included electric motor to push them along. The kits are also infinitely reconfigurable – so you and your little ones can take them apart and put them back together as much as you’d like. Other upgrades include swiveling wheels to allow for drifting, a stabilizer system that teaches kids to steer with their body weight, and shortened build times. Back it on Kickstarter now starting at $179.

Kickstarter: $179