Infento Constructible Rides

Building things with your old man when you were a kid probably provided some of the greatest childhood memories. But the things you used to build are pretty much irrelevant in today’s day and age, so recreating that experience with your child might not be so easy. But if you’re looking for something more relevant to children in today’s world of tinkering, look no further than the Infento Kit.

This kit allows you to build an unlimited number of real rides together with your child. Think of it like an erector set but for vehicles. Each ride is constructed using a single hex tool, with every part designed to have multiple functions and possibilities for configuration. So after your child outgrows his or her first construction, you can team up with him or her to build something new and more suitable to their liking. The possibilities are endless. Kits start at $299. Check out the video below. [Purchase]

Infento Constructible Rides 2

Infento Constructible Rides 3