Indochino Made-To-Measure Suits

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As we grow older there are certain elements to our wardrobe that should always be present no matter where life’s journey may take us. A tailored suit, for instance, is one such essential. The catch, however, is that many tailored suits can cost a pretty penny – resulting in a sort of void in our wardrobe options. Luckily, Indochino offers custom tailored suits that are both affordable and modern in appearance.

It’s all part of their unique buyer’s experience where – in accordance with their made to measure commitment – Indochino takes 14 of your exact dimensions to develop suits and shirts that fit and feel better than anything you’d expect to find off the rack. Choose from a myriad of fabrics and customization options, including complementary lapels, suit linings and personal monograms based on your preferences. Also, it doesn’t hurt that some of their finest suits are up for sale this weekend in conjunction with the Mayweather + McGregor fight. More info is available on their site.

Purchase: $369