Indochino Made-To-Measure Men’s Suits

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A well-fitting suit is something every guy should have hanging in his wardrobe. A tailored suit, however, is something that simply helps every guy stand out in the professional business world from regular off-the-rack options. Thankfully, Indochino offers up the latter without the impending price tag.

For this, we can thank their unique buyer’s experience where Indochino takes 14 of your exact measurements to develop well-fitting tailored suits that both look and fit better than anything found in a department store. It’s all part of their made-to-measure commitment, boasting a myriad of customizable options for both traditional and eccentric styles. Here, choose from complementary lapels, suit linings, and personal monographs all based upon your own personal preferences. They’re all designer quality and available for a fraction of what you’d expect to spend on a traditional tailored suit. Be sure to drop them a line to find out more for yourself.

Purchase: $369