Indian Honors 100 Years Of The Scout With Two Special Motorcycles

Anniversaries are a big deal in the automotive world, and while most companies focus on the celebration of 10, 20, or even 50 years within the industry, those who reach the centurial benchmark are obviously cut from a different cloth. Indian Motorcycle Company is one such outfit.

While the iconic brand was founded all the way back in 1901, its entry-level flagship, the Scout, wasn’t introduced to consumers until almost two decades later. So, to celebrate the line’s 100-year anniversary, Indian has decided to release two special edition models: the Scout Bobber Twenty, and the 100th Anniversary Scout. As you might expect, the two platforms are reminiscent of their progenitors, with the Bobber Twenty taking on a slew of characteristics from the original 1920 G-20 Scout. To bring the duo into modernity, the company has improved a handful of the platforms’ technical properties, to include new, high-performance floating brake rotors, calipers, and an updated master cylinder for dependable handling at higher speeds. Alongside these subtle changes, riders will also receive a sport seat and passenger pegs, a selection of upgradable exhausts, and a limited-to-750 production run that’s sure to make the 100th Anniversary Scout a coveted collector’s item. The anniversary edition cycle is slated for sale at $16,000, while the 2020 Scout clocks in at a modest $9,000.

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