Indian’s All-Black Scout Bobber Sixty Is A Stripped-Down Minimalist Moto

Indian Motorcycle has been at odds with Harley Davidson for a number of years, and with the market for heritage-imbued two-wheeled platforms steadily populating, there’s never been a better time to find entry-level models at an affordable price. To keep on-trend, Indian has announced the Scout Bobber Sixty — an all-black steed that’s easy on the eyes, and the wallet.

Don’t let the $8,999 MSRP fool you: the Scout Bobber Sixty is still a fashionable, functional bike that derives inspiration from the brand’s most notable models. At 999ccs, it might not be the fastest or most viable option for adrenaline junkies looking to tear up their city’s streets under the thick of night, but its sleek stature, lightweight demeanor, and dependable performance make it a surefire winner for motorcycling’s entry-level audience. The Scout Bobber Sixty clocks in somewhere around 78 horsepower, meaning that, when paired with the bike’s 548-pound wet weight and low-set profile, you’ll still be able to partake in bouts of high-speed excitement. A cast-aluminum frame, bobber styling, and performance-oriented ABS ensure that the bike stays up-to-date without appearing “too” modern, giving relevancy its nostalgic silhouette. Head to Indian’s website to learn more, or pick up an example of your own.

Purchase: $8,999+