Indestructible Kevlar Belt

It’s important that all of the gear and clothes you throw on at the beginning of the day hold up until you call it in for the night – but there are few items that are more important than a belt. Have that fail on you before the day gets through and you are toast. For those of you who are tired of having to replace your belts every few years, Harmattan Design’s new Indestructable belt is worth paying attention to.

Constructed from natural vegetable tanned leather and kevlar, this belt is a whopping five times stronger than others on the market. Ideal for the guy looking for a belt strong enough to resist bending and warping over time while still being formal enough to wear to work or out at night, this piece offers a smart and no frills look that goes well with most outfits. The belts come in three different colors, with prices set as low as $55. [Purchase]