Incase & BIONIC’s Sustainable Minimalist Bags Rid The Ocean Of Plastic

Over the past two years, the fashion and gear industries have been making drastic changes within their sustainability-focused production outlets. It’s a clear indication of the genre’s widespread pursuit for a better tomorrow, especially when larger, more influential companies advocate for change. The most recent project in a long line of conscious collaborations comes in the form of Incase and BIONIC’s Sustainable Bag Collection — a minimalist suite of everyday carriers crafted from recycled ocean plastic.

As one of the most influential bag- and case-makers in the world, Incase has decided to team up with BIONIC, a leading figure in sustainable raw materials, for a small, four-piece capsule. Inside, the Commuter Backpack, Accessory Organizer, and two different sizes of the company’s Compact Sleeve make their debut, utilizing plastics that have been removed from the world’s waterways, before being repurposed into a durable synthetic thread. Depending on the size of the accessory, between 7 and 26 water bottles are given new life, helping to decrease the concerning amount of unrecycled plastics that end up in our planet’s waterways each year. Head to Incase’s website to check out the entire collection of organizational bags, which have been listed for sale at $50 and up.

Purchase: $50+