Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard

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Touted as one of the most advanced e-boards ever developed, the Inboard M1 Electric Skateboard is purposed to get you where you need to go without jumping into a cab or train car. Gone are the days of limited range as well — compliments of an online exclusive where each M1 comes complete with a complimentary swappable PowerShift battery pack.

That’s right. Now, enjoy up to 14 miles of total range at top speeds of 22 mph. Additionally, their compatible smartphone application lets you control all aspects of the well-built ride — from battery levels to riding modes, even the head and tail lights. It’s all powered by Inboard’s Manta Drive offering smooth acceleration, little resistance, and a splash-resistant rating of IP54. A handy remote also lets you control the entire process and they’ve even discounted the exclusive bundle for the next few weeks as well. Available now.

Purchase: $999