Impuls’ Custom BMW K1100 Boasts Ford-Inspired Prototype Camouflage

Top-of-the-line donor bikes are relatively hard to come by, especially when they belong to one of the customization community’s most popular companies. And while BMW’s various platforms have quickly become the steed-of-choice for a large percentage of bespoke builds, the traditional “ebb and flow” of the Airhead might be coming to a close with Impuls’ Florian Huth-designed K101.

After sitting in the Munich-based builder’s shop for over a year, this once daily-driven BMW K1100 was selected as the next candidate for Impuls’ upcoming project with Florian Huth. After stripping the cycle of all its exterior components, Huth and Co. went to the drawing board — improvising the bike’s unique aesthetic through the evaluation of a topic that they happened to be studying at the time — development mule camouflage. Referencing Ford’s US-based vehicle camos, the crew applied their own mischevious colorway onto the K1100. Traditionally, camouflage has been used to hide details in bodywork, mask contrasts, and minimize angular shapes — aspects that are rarely seen when it comes to motorcycling. But, aside from looking great, the newly-dressed bike finds itself in the midst of an identity crisis — as the camo moto can’t help stealing the lustful stares of passersby with its cleanly defined Motogadget setup, flight mirrors, Magura HC3 brakes, and Alcantara leather.

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