Impossible I-1 Instant Camera

Back in 2008, Polaroid announced it was terminating the production of instant film. Impossible, however, made the executive decision to keep instant film alive by purchasing the last remaining factory only days before it shut down forever. Now Impossible is the only company in the world that makes original format instant film. And eight years later, Impossible is releasing its own camera to go with its instant film.

Named the I-1, the release is now the only camera for the original Polaroid format, though it can also use the Impossible Project’s own reverse-engineered type 600. Its cool retro design and modern features offer a successful marriage of both old school and new. The I-1 features an advanced ring flash, autofocus, and matte black finish. However, it’s the Bluetooth application that really take this Polaroid rendition into the 21st century. Paired with the iOS app, photographers can control everything from shutter speed and aperture to flash strength and remote firing for those awkward family photos. The I-1 is set for release on May 10 for $300. [Purchase]