Imperiali Geneve Emperador Cigar Humidor

Not all instruments are just instruments. When they’re built with enough care, given enough attention to detail, and boast an almost scientific precision – they enter into a liminal space. Not quite just a tool, but not quite art either. This is the zone where the Emperador Humidor from Imperiali Geneva sits.

It is jaw-dropping how expensive this cigar chest is, but if one can suspend disbelief, it is well worth giving the Emperador your attention. Once owners tap out their personalized code, the chest opens up to reveal a stunning tourbillon timepiece made up of 323 moving parts, as well as dials that record the temperature (always around 65) and humidity levels (always at %70). Of course, none of this really matters unless you have something to put in it – which this chest certainly does. It comes fully stocked with 24 Grand Cru cigars, every one of which is wrapped in gold leaf and aged for 48 months. That, somehow, isn’t all. Pressing a small button at the front of the chest reveals a hidden laser guided cigar cutter, desktop cigar lighter, and motion sensing ashtray. This is everything you could want out of a humidor, and much, much more. The only downside? The sky-high price of $1,000,000. [Purchase]