Ikepod Duopod and Chronopod Swiss Watches

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Twenty-five years ago an unattainable elliptic watch with a futuristic look broke onto the scene that was catered specifically toward the timekeeping elite. Now, luckily for the rest of us, Ikepod is bringing them back. This time, however, with a much more affordable price tag.

Offering up both the Duopod and the Chronopod, each Ikepod timepiece comes equipped with an identical case to the original, 316 L steel for extreme durability, dials designed by Swiss legend Emmanuel Gueit that offer a modern minimalist aesthetic, and silicone straps to help round things out. Both variants also tick smoothly with the help of Miyota quartz movement, feature the Hemipode “2008” logo on the crown, and are available for preorder in one of several attractive colorways on Kickstarter. A true designer’s watch if we’ve ever seen one.

Kickstarter: $330+