IKEA Wireless Charging Furniture

The future is coming to your furniture. And best of all, it’ll involve a side of Swedish meatballs (if you buy in-store). IKEA is poised to launch its new furniture line developed by technology company Qi, and the net result will be bedside tables, lamps and desks that come equipped with wireless charging capabilities.

Through built-in induction charging you’ll be able to set your phone or tablet down on integrated pads and watch those battery bars fill up. As of now, the furniture is only capable of charging devices that are Qi enabled, which includes some of your newer devices by Google Nexus, HTC, Samsung and Nokia, but not iPhones or the Samsung Galaxy line. IKEA says special cases will be coming to make sure those models work though. Look for the new collection in mid-April.

IKEA Wireless Charging Furniture 2

IKEA Wireless Charging Furniture 3