IKEA’s New Smart Sensor Measures Harmful Particles for Easy Breathing

IKEA VINDSTRYKA Smart Sensor 0 Hero
Photo: IKEA

Like its ceaseless catalog of affordable furnishings, IKEA’s suite of smart home products has proven to come in handy for many households worldwide. The company’s latest device, dubbed VINDSTYRKA, measures air quality throughout your living space, ensuring you don’t have to second guess your next breath.

Photo: IKEA

The new air quality sensor can track harmful pollutants, namely PM2.5, a variation of what IKEA and the EPA refer to as “particular matter.” These polluting specks are complex mixtures of chemical species, be it solids or aerosols, that are over 100 times thinner than a strand of human hair, proving you genuinely have no idea what can be happening inside your home. However, this effort to assist the situation is as beneficial as it is user-friendly, allowing you to access the quality statistics using IKEA’s corresponding app.

Photo: IKEA

Additionally, VINDSTYRKA can measure humidity, temperature, and total volatile organic compound — in layman’s terms, the pollution percentage of various gases. As we sit in the middle of this odd transitional period growing increasingly accustomed to the pandemic, it’s safe to say the world has never been wearier of the air it’s breathing, and what’s presumed to be a wallet-friendly gadget like this is something anyone can appreciate.

Although IKEA is yet to mention pricing details, the VINDSTYRKA air quality sensor will be available in April.