IKEA Builds A 187SQFT Tiny Trailer Focusing On Low-Cost Sustainability

Since the turn of the millennium, the tiny home movement has been absolutely exploding in popularity, with the minimal foot-print dwellings perfectly jiving with society’s increased focus on a more eco-conscious way of life. Recognizing this phenomenon, IKEA has set out to deliver the ultimate sustainable, low-cost tiny home, demonstrating what’s possible, even on a relatively meager budget.

Known as the “IKEA Tiny Home Project,” the endeavor is a collaborative effort between the Swedish furniture manufacturer and Vox Media. Rather than starting from scratch, the project utilized an existing, sub-$50,000 prefab tiny home from Escape Traveler. The 187-square-foot structure is built on a mobile trailer, is made with eco-friendly materials, and is outfitted with a myriad of IKEA furniture and home goods that aim to maximize living space, efficiency, and utility, with many of the items serving double duty and fulfilling multiple roles. A self-contained plumbing system and roof-mounted solar panels also enable the tiny home to located off-grid. To learn more about the joint-effort, you can check out the project’s website linked below.

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