Ikea Sladda Cargo Bike

IKEA, the famous purveyors of furniture with silly names and Swedish meatballs that you always, always regret eating, have announced something new. Something not quite in their usual wheelhouse. Introducing IKEA Cargo bike.

This thing isn’t meant to go super fast or draw a bunch of attention to itself. Reasonably priced, incredibly utilitarian, and totally comfortable, it can tow a cart behind it for carrying larger items, and features an add-on cage to the front and panniers on the sides. Think of it like a minivan of the bicycle world. Unlike some of your IKEA furniture, this set of wheels is really built to last. Made with a lightweight aluminum frame and two thick coats of paint, it’ll resist rust and corrosion even on some of the wettest, saltiest streets out there. We are just hoping we don’t have to put it together right out of the box. Prices are set at $400. [Purchase]