IKEA’s Real Life Series Brings Iconic TV Show Living Rooms To Life

IKEA is making your television dreams come true, giving you the opportunity to fashion your living room in your choice of three TV show themes. The IKEA Real Life Series draws from its affordable furniture selection to bring to life iconic living rooms for pop culture fanatics.

The Real Life Series recreates the living room from The Simpsons, Friends, and Stranger Things. It’s difficult to choose, but the Stranger Things project is probably our favorite of the three. They list all the items you need to make each famous living room for your convenience. For example, their Solvinden LED lighting chains, Nyboda coffee table, and Strandmon wing chair, in addition to several other items, are required to create the retro feel of the Stranger Things living room. Check out each themed setup to see what you need to grab to transform your living room into the set of your beloved TV show.

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