IKEA Brings Packable Modular Furnishings Into The Urban Jungle

Living in an urban area has its positives — you’re close to everything, you hardly ever have to commute, and — if you’re a city-type — you’ll always have something to do. The downside? There’s not always a lot of space. In order to make the small, compact arrangement of mid-city living bearable, IKEA has introduced its modular RÅVAROR collection — a selection of packable furniture that’s perfect for the modern urbanite.

The RÅVAROR Collection, announced at the company’s annual Democratic Design Days press event at the beginning of June, is comprised of a wide range of furniture for minimalist dwellings — including couches, storage boxes, textiles, open storage solutions, and lighting. To call attention to the sometimes harsh realities of urban life, the Swedish manufacturer has devised over 20 different products that make the “optimization of space” a contextual focus. Each item features its own versatile functionality, allowing denizens the freedom to adapt, outfit, and decorate their living areas as they see fit, without all the hassle that comes alongside large furniture. The collection is set to launch in September of 2020.

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