IKEA ENEBY Bluetooth Speakers

When it comes to affordable home furnishings, IKEA just can’t be beat. And with their ever-expanding catalogue, they’re cornering more and more sides of the market. Perhaps predictably, they’ve made their first foray into the world of home audio with their new ENEBY Bluetooth speakers.

Available in two sizes (8″ and 12″) and colors (black with a removable black fabric mesh or white with gray fabric), these handsome minimalist devices function as standalone desktop speakers or can be mounted to your wall. The smaller of the two, which comes with an attached handle, is also compatible with an optional battery pack for wireless listening anywhere. They can both be paired with up to 8 individual devices, have AUX inputs for non-Bluetooth devices, feature a simple and intuitive dial to control volume (as well as bass & treble), and are priced at just $49 and $89, respectively.

Purchase: $49+