Iikone Coffee Brewer

Nothing beats a great cup of coffee in the morning, unless that cup of coffee comes from a brewer that is as artful as it is useful, which is the case with the Iikone Coffee Brewer.

It’s as much a sculpture as it is a functional coffee brewer. It has a unique, spider-like design that’s unlike any pour-over coffee maker you’ve ever seen before. It’s crafted using¬†high-gloss, medical-grade stainless steel that has been machined and polished. The filter is unobstructed, resulting in a fuller brew that’s less bitter than other traditional pour-overs, since the filter never touches a support. It’s compatible with popular 6-10 cup round or rectangular filters, as well as conical metal filters. It ships in a beautiful hand-made wooden case. It will be available soon for $700. [Purchase]