Go From Sea To Land Aboard This Tank-Treaded Amphibious Luxury Tender Boat

Jun 9, 2020

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Traditional tender boats afford a quick and convenient means of ferrying superyacht owners and their passengers from their multi-million dollar ships to land, however, Iguana Yachts’ creations build on this convenience by allowing its wares to continue transporting its passengers after reaching shore. And the French firm’s latest offering maintains this concept, albeit while bestowing it with a luxurious update.

Dubbed the “Day Limo,” Iguana’s new vessel measures 30’ long, boasts a 9’ beam, and weighs in at 6,614lbs. A sharp hydrodynamic shape enables its pair of 300hp outboard motors to propel it to more than 45mph. What separates this vehicle from competitors’ offerings, however, is its set of military tank tracks that fold up from the amphibious ship’s hull, giving the Day Limo the ability to drive on land — albeit only at speeds of under 5mph, thanks to a diminutive 12hp (land) engine. And, in addition to a luxurious passenger seating area, the boat is also equipped with folding overhead awnings to protect its occupants from waves and ocean mist. For more information or to inquire about purchasing an Iguana Yachts Day Limo amphibious tender boat, you can check out the company’s website linked below.

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