Igloo Trailmate All Terrain Cooler

Don’t let the off-road capabilities (or lack thereof) of your cooler limit the adventure. If escaping off the beaten path is the goal, then be sure to check out the Trailmate Cooler from Igloo. Quite possibly the most off-road friendly cooler around, this campsite-friendly portable fridge ensures nothing spoils on your watch, no matter how far out into the wild you trek.

Each cooler features oversized never-flat wheels that’ll tackle any challenging terrain with superior traction and a ground clearance of over ten inches. Also, its 70-quart capacity can hold up to 112 beers, and the ultra herm lid provides four-day ice retention performance meaning a long weekend of camping will no longer have to include non-perishables and warm beer. Additional amenities include water-resistant storage, a butler tray for serving snacks and drinks, tie-down loops for hauling additional items, and a bottle opener on both sides of the cooler. No longer will hunger be an issue, unless you allow your friends unlimited access. In that case, you’re going to need more than a cooler to survive. They are available now for $300. [Purchase]