These Are The First-Ever Hard-Sided Coolers Made From Recycled Plastics

Over the course of the last two years, Igloo has been focusing on improving its sustainability and lessening its carbon footprint via the introduction of innovative and eco-friendly products and initiatives such as the Igloo RECOOL, the world’s first biodegrade and compostable cooler, and its REPREVE Collection of cooler bags made from recycled bottles. And for the 2021 Spring season, the Texas-based cooler company looks to continue these efforts with the debut of its all-new ECOCOOL Collection.

Made in America, the ECOCOOL range represents the first-ever hard-sided cooler models crafted from recycled plastics and is comprised of five initial models, a 7qt Little Playmate cooler, and 30, 52, 60, and 90qt ECOCOOL-spec Latitude Coolers — the latter two of which are rolling models. After sourcing 58 tons of post-consumer plastic primarily in the form of milk jugs and yogurt cups — enough to occupy 10 football fields worth of landfill — Igloo has created a recycled resin compound construction that the coolers are crafted from, allowing them to maintain their immense durability while being markedly more gentle on the planet. Slated for a release on April 22, the Igloo ECOCOOL Cooler Collection starts at $25 for the 7qt and goes up to $100 for the 90qt roller.

Purchase: $25+