Igloo Coolers Welded Bag Collection

If you are headed out to the beach or an overnight camping trip that involves a little bit of hiking to the campsite, then your best bet for keeping your perishable food fresh is to carry out a soft-sided cooler. While Igloo has offered these types of cold-packs for a while, the announcement of their upcoming Welded Backpack spells the beginning of a more rugged line built for outdoor use.

Essentially a rolltop bag masquerading as a deep freezer, this welded waterproof and leakproof pack is as easy to carry along with you as it is good at keeping your food fresh. While this thing is great for keeping your food cold during a long beach day, it can do much more than just that. Thanks to interior pockets, tie down attachment points, and dry item storage, you can pack your gear along with your grub. This won’t be available until the Spring of 2017, so it might be worth holding off re-upping on that decade old cooler you keep lugging around. Expected retail is $100. [Purchase]

Igloo Coolers Welded Bag Collection 1