Ideal Conceal Double Barrel Smartphone Pistol

A defense weapon fit for James Bond himself, the Ideal Conceal Double Barrel .380 Caliber Pistol hides in plain sight as a smartphone. Small enough in stature to fit in your pocket, the pistol folds into an inconspicuous smartphone when in safety mode. Flipping off the safety, however, transforms this small carry into a fully functional pistol.

The mechanics of the pistol allow for a lightweight one-piece design that boasts trouble-free operation with a hammerless control for maximum safety, high velocity, and accuracy. The piece also comes equipped with a flashlight and laser. Obviously, this product would only be legal in states that recognize concealed carry, and there’s still no exact release date since the product is still in the patent-pending phase of production. However, there is word that sometime mid-2016 Ideal Conceal may begin to market to firearms enthusiasts at NRA shows across the nation. When it’s available, prices look to hover around $400.

Ideal Conceal Double Barrel .380 Caliber Smartphone Pistol 4