iCracked: Screen Repair Kit for iPhone 6

One of the biggest problems we all have with our iPhones is the fact that they’re so easy to break. In fact, dropping your iPhone 6 from just two feet in the air can cause the screen to crack. But instead of shipping your phone to Apple, and then waiting for it to be repaired, the iCracked iPhone 6 Screen Replacement Kit will help you install a new screen in virtually no-time.

The kit comes with an iPhone 6 replacement screen, complete toolkit, anti-fingerprint screen protector, and access to iCracked’s repair videos. The promotional materials for iCracked’s kit says that you’ll have your phone repaired in just one hour, which certainly beats the week and a half it’d take to send your iPhone to Apple. So if you can’t imagine being without your iPhone 6 for two weeks, and you’re handy enough, the iCracked iPhone 6 screen replacement and repair kit is a good option. [Purchase]

iCracked -Screen Repair Kit for iPhone 6