Icon A5 Private Plane

Drive through any neighborhood and it is pretty likely that you’ll see an ATV, a boat, or a motorcycle sitting in multiple driveways or open garages. Now, thanks to the team at Icon and their brilliant A5, it won’t be too odd to see a private plane sitting their too.

This two seater designed and built by a former Air Force pilot is light enough to be towed by most vehicles, and easy to store thanks to its folding wings. Powered by a Rotax 912 engine that delivers 100 horses to a single prop behind the cockpit, pilots can take this thing up to 109 miles per hour, 15,000 feet high, and up to 400 miles from your home airport. Love the water as much as you love the air? Icon’s A5 is even versatile enough to dock and take off from the water. One of the best parts about this whole deal is that in order to get a sport license to fly this plane, it only requires 20 hours of training, roughly half the time for a normal license. Prices start at $190,000. [Purchase]

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