Icemule Boss Backpack Cooler

Beer and the backcountry are two things that go very well together, but they’re not always easily met. And that’s because – most of the time – beer needs to be cold to be any good and the backcountry is hard to get to. Often that ends up meaning either warm beer or no wilderness. But all that’s going to change with Icemule’s new Boss backpack cooler.

In a much more carry-friendly format than most rugged coolers, this one loads directly onto your back as would any normal backpack. But it has some serious legs-up on the competition outside of that. For instance, the Boss is 100% waterproof, floats if dropped in a body of water, and offers multi-day ice retention. It also has multiple external pockets for smaller gear and a MOLLE grid for expandable options. Whether you’re heading on a week-long fishing trip with the guys or you’re hitting some trails off the beaten path, bring some cold brews with you inside of the Icemule Boss cooler backpack – on pre-sale now for $300.

Purchase: $300