Icelandic Cliffside Retreat

Mar 17, 2016

Category: Living

Alex Hogrefe is a designer and founding member of the architecture visualization studio Design Distill where he specializes in fully visualizing the plans of architects through illustration. In his free time, however, Alex sketches up designs from scratch like this gorgeous Icelandic cliffside retreat.

Set in the side of an ocean cliff and constructed out of what appears to be concrete, metal and glass – this modern structure looks like a spaceship that got stuck in a rock formation. The large open windows allow in natural light and offer up gorgeous views of the ocean to the occupants. While this rendering is expertly put together and totally imaginative, we can’t help but feel a bit of sadness knowing that this isn’t real.

Icelandic Cliffside Retreat 1

Icelandic Cliffside Retreat 2

Icelandic Cliffside Retreat 3

Icelandic Cliffside Retreat 4

Icelandic Cliffside Retreat 5

Icelandic Cliffside Retreat 6

Icelandic Cliffside Retreat 7

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