iBubble Underwater Drone

Airborne drones are so last year. Now it’s time to take to the sea with this new underwater technology. At least that’s the thought process behind the developers of the iBubble, the first autonomous driving drone that enables you to catch hands-free underwater footage. It’s a true experiment in underwater exploration for all of us.

Simply install your GoPro behind the highly visible yellow drone’s visor and release it into the nearest aquatic landscape. It propels itself thanks to several practically silent motors while filming you or whoever is wearing the iBubble tracking bracelet. It’ll fully function in depths of up to 200 feet as well and features dual 1,000-lumen bulbs that’ll light up the waterscape in darker environments. There are several filming modes including “Follow Me,” “360 Selfie,” along with additional zoom and manual modes. And don’t worry if you’ve chosen the wrong one prior to release, you can select and change them right from the bracelet. It’ll film up to one hour before the battery drains, warning you when the time comes. And if getting to the iBubble is difficult after the battery quits on you, a CO2 cartridge floats the device to the surface to help you easily retrieve it. The iBubble is currently raising funds on Indegogo, with a starting price of $700. [Purchase]