Hyundai Reveals Its TIGER Modular Unmanned Walking Robot Rover Concept

Hyundai’s fledgling future-tech lab, New Horizons Studios, has unveiled its latest concept — TIGER — and it could revolutionize everything from emergency missions to space exploration.

TIGER, which stands for Transforming Intelligent Ground Excursion Robot, is being referred to by Hyundai as an “Ultimate Mobility Vehicle,” or UMV. The machine designed to access extremely remote and challenging terrain via its transforming wheel-leg locomotion technology. TIGER is capable of driving in all directions on its four wheels, but when it gets stuck, the wheels can extend away from the UMV’s body to become legs that enable the vehicle to walk over obstacles. This tech was first seen on Hyundai’s 2019 Elevate concept, but unlike that vehicle, TIGER is completely unmanned. It also sports a modular body, enabling TIGER to be outfitted with sensors, supplies, aid packages, or any other kind of payload that’s needed for specific missions. The UMV is also built to work in tandem with an unmanned aerial vehicle, with the drone able to deliver TIGER to wherever it needs to be. Hyundai thinks TIGER could eventually be used for planetary exploration or for natural disaster rescue missions here on Earth.

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