Hyundai’s Innovative ‘Prophecy’ Sedan Has Joysticks Instead Of A Steering Wheel

In 2019, Hyundai revealed the preliminary iteration of its upcoming concept car — a project that would spearhead the company’s expansion into a new realm of automaking, and give light to its new mission for “sensuous sportiness.” This year, that concept has been revised into something far more interesting, garnering intense interest from the automotive world, and placing Hyundai’s noble pursuit in the spotlight once again.

The Hyundai “Prophecy” Concept Electric Vehicle might have missed its spotlight at this year’s Geneva Auto Show, but that’s not for lack of trying. Had the event actually taken place, the manufacturer’s revolutionary platform would have surely stolen at least a portion of the show, thanks to its sleek body lines, futuristic humpback shape, and innovative design principles. Tapered lines and a subtle rear wing help to promote the vehicle’s aerodynamic propensity, working alongside a front air intake for adequate cooling of its battery packs while in use. As you head inside, the traditional cockpit found in many of Hyundai’s vehicles has been replaced with something far more intricate — twin joysticks offer the Prophecy’s prospective driver an unimpeded view of the roadway, while semi-autonomous features allow individual occupants to relax, recline, a utilize the vehicle’s length-running display to partake in views of its exterior. Learn more about the Prophecy concept on Hyundai’s website.

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