This Hyundai Design Concept Is A Modern EV Overhaul Of The Classic ‘Pony’ Hatch

Hyundai’s entry into the global automotive market started with the ‘Pony’ back in 1975 — the first mass-produced export the South Korean-based manufacturer had ever built. Styled by Italdesign Giugiaro and engineered by a team of Britain’s top automotive experts, the result was a quirky little hatch with a pretty pedestrian 1.2L Mitsubishi inline-four under the hood.

And now it’s back. Well, sort of. As an homage to the original Pony, Hyundai has designed a concept that takes the classic compact and sees it reimagined as a modern EV. In practice, this means that the car trades its front headlights for updated LED lamps, with their design inspired by 70s pixel art and 8bit graphics. Around the rest of the car, you’ll find the neo-retro theme continues, for it sports a pair of camera-based side mirrors on the front fenders, a set of old-school dished wheels, and some squared-off taillights not unlike those featured on the new Ioniq 5. Complemented by an interior complete with a new tri-spoke steering wheel and a unique glass-tube instrument display, it makes for quite the eye-catching restomod. While Hyundai hasn’t provided any details on the drivetrain, you can learn more at the link below.

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