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Hyundai Is Actually Building Its Walking, Transforming ‘Elevate’ Concept Car

Last year, Hyundai introduced the world to its innovative Elevate concept. Billed as the ultimate emergency response machine, the alienesque vehicle featured four towering robotic legs mounted with some rugged all-terrain tires. Suffice to say that no one expected Hyundai to deliver on something so space-age it could headline a sci-fi film.

However, with the announcement of its Silicon Valley-based New Horizons studio, Hyundai clearly means business. Led by Dr. John Suh, the off-shoot project will aim to create the world’s first-ever transformer class of vehicles. Dubbed an Ultimate Mobility Vehicle (UMV), the Elevate is poised to change transportation forever. For though it might look like something hailing from Cybertron, it could offer a number of real-world benefits. Take, for example, its application in emergency situations. Because of its robotic legs, the Elevate could navigate terrain that would leave more traditional rescue vehicles stranded. But it could also act as a viable option for those without access to a ramp, walking right up to the door and allowing wheelchairs to roll on in. And with the ability to climb over a five-foot wall or bridge a five-foot gap, the Elevate will carry off-road enthusiasts to once inaccessible areas.

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