Hyundai Kite Electric Buggy Concept

Partnering once again with Turin-based Istituto Europeo di Design (IED), Hyundai has released an electric concept buggy that premiered at this year’s Geneva Auto Show. The project involved a total of 15 IED transportation design master’s course students through a cooperation with Hyundai Design Centre Europe.

Dubbed the Hyundai Kite, this is a doorless and roofless dune buggy that can cross both land and water thanks to its ability to convert into a single-seater jet-ski. At its core, the Kite boasts a monocoque chassis measuring in at 12.28-feet in length by 4.77-feet in height. From here, four brushless electric engines located inside the wheels propel the vehicle on land while a jet turbine assists in aquatic transport on water. The whole setup is also managed via the driver’s mobile phone and allows complete control over all vehicle functionality.

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