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Hyundai Unveils The First 3 Models From Its Forthcoming IONIQ EV Sub-Brand

Hyundai has already been employing its IONIQ monicker — reportedly an amalgamation of the words “Ion” and “Unique” — for the last several years for a compact liftback model, though the South Korean company has now announced its plans to launch an all-new electric vehicle sub-label under the existing IONIQ banner.

Strictly using numerical names — with even numbers for sedans and odd numbers of SUVs — the IONIQ family’s first addition is the IONIQ 5, a midsize crossover that’s based on the 2019 EV ’45’ concept and slated for a launch in early 2021. Next will be the IONIQ 6 sedan in 2022, which is modeled around Hyundai’s EV ‘Prophecy’ concept unveiled back in March. In 2024, Hyundai will introduce the IONIQ 7, a ridiculously sleek and futuristic full-size SUV. This new effort comes as part of the manufacturer’s goal to sell some 1,000,000 proton-powered vehicles and nab a 10% stake in the global EV market by 2025. Having sold more than 4.4M vehicles in 2019 alone, the company’s aspirations here seems more than plausible, though obviously only time will tell. For more information on Hyundai’s forthcoming IONIQ label, you can check out the press release linked below.

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