Hyperlite Unveils Two Ultralight Dyneema Off-Grid Backpacks

For those not in the know, Dyneema is a nearly-indestructible, ultralight, waterproof wonder material that’s changing the gear space as we know it. It’s so magnificent, in fact, that Hyperlite Mountain Gear has built their entire brand around the stuff. And with it, they’ve just built a pair of new backpacks made specifically for off-trail adventuring.

Made in the USA, the NorthRim packs differ primarily in size — with the 1.99-pound 3400 offering 55L of internal storage and the 2.4-pound 4400 boasting 70L. Apart from that, however, their constructions are indistinguishable — including an exterior made from Dyneema Composite Fabric, a trio of external pockets, a stabilizing hip belt (also with built-in pockets), compression straps, an axe loop, and more. If your hiking adventures take you down the road less traveled (or off the road entirely), these NorthRim packs should suit you just fine. Available now, they’re priced at $410 and $450, respectively.

Purchase: $410+