Hyperlite Dyneema Duffel Bag

Any explorer or even casual traveler can attest to the fact that the less you have to carry with you, the better. Sure, it can seem sometimes like a gram here or there won’t by itself do you in – but take that add it all up and it can wind up really holding you back. That’s why Hyperlite Mountain Gear developed this Dyneema Duffel Bag.

The duffel is large enough to store up to 140-liters of gear, but it only weighs in at 2.6-pounds – an impressive weight-to-storage ratio. And while you’d think that such a lightweight piece of gear would come at the cost of durability and toughness, that couldn’t be further from the case here. Constructed in Maine from Dyneema, featuring daisy chains along the side, and waterproof YKK zippers, the bag is more than ready to take on anything your travels have in store for it.

Purchase: $525