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The XP-1 Hydrogen Hypercar Offers A 1,000-Mile Range & 220+MPH Speeds

While once associated with lackluster performance, the hybrid and electric car sector’s made some enormous bounds in recent years, with the segment now constituting a decent chunk of the world’s fastest cars. And while there’s no shortage of ridiculously fast electric supercars out there, California-based startup, Hyperion Motors appears to be raising the bar several times over with its XP-1 hydrogen-powered hypercar prototype.

Developed by a team that includes ex-NASA aerospace engineers, the XP-1 represents the absolute pinnacle of cutting-edge hydrogen fuel-cell propulsion technology. Rather than being contained inside heavy Lithium-ion battery packs, the system stores electrical energy in fuel cells which can be refueled similarly to regular liquid petrol, which is reportedly what’s allowed for this breakthrough in range and recharge times. Built around a titanium carbon fiber chassis, the 2,275lb hydrogen hypercar is reportedly good for speeds exceeding 220mph, sub-2.2-second 0-60mph times, a 1,000-mile range, while recharge time is between three and five minutes. Limited to 300 units, the XP-1 also boasts V-WIng doors, an interior with a 134” wraparound glass canopy supplemented via a 98” curved HUD-style display, and a roof lined with integrated solar panels. For more information on this groundbreaking hypercar, check out Hyperion’s website linked below.

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