The ‘HYPER CYBER’ Is A Cyberpunk-Styled Superbike From The Future

The announcement of Tesla’s CYBERTRUCK might have caused an uproar within the automotive industry (and the rest of the world, for that matter), but it also signified something far more important: change. Elon Musk’s angular platform was a catalyst; a variable in a much larger equation — and since its debut, designers like Rimac and 3D-Mente Digital have been hard at work, conceptualizing the transportation of the future.

The 3D-Mente-designed 2080 “HYPER CYBER” super motorcycle that you see here was admitted to Rimac for its most recent social media-based challenge, sharing various inspirations and design cues with Tesla’s transcendental vehicle. Like the Cybertruck, this two-wheeled wonder calls upon a large, low-poly body, angular metalwork, and a single-piece seat to define its sharp silhouette, while smaller inclusions, like an elongated rear swingarm, a slim, front-facing LED, and aerodynamic components bring a stunning aesthetic to the subtle cycle. Head to 3D-Mente Digital’s Behance for a closer look at the neon-illuminated project.

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