HYMERCAR Ayers Rock Adventure Van

Hymer, the motorhome and camper van manufacturer known for setting and embodying the “German standard” in the industry, has yet again upped the ante for custom conversion kits. Their newest model, the Hymercar Ayers Rock edition – which is built upon the chassis of a Fiat Ducato van – is a camper which can comfortably accommodate up to four people. And that includes food, water (for drinking, bathing, and restroom use), bedding, and more.

With the Ducato’s standard 6-speed Multijet engine – Fiat Chrysler’s common rail direct injection turbodiesel – you and your family and/or friends can enjoy the comfort of this mobile mini-estate in any road-accessible venue of your choosing. Just keep in mind, this isn’t regular car camping we are talking here. The Ayers Rock Hymercar comes equipped with a full-size kitchen – yes, with a stovetop, cabinet storage, and everything; a compact bathroom with a fully-functional toilet, wash basin, and shower; a 100 liter fresh water tank; an 11 liter hot water boiler; a Truma Combi 4 LCD heater with hot air system; a 65 liter refrigerator; and a 100 liter waste water tank. And you can get your hands on this palatial package starting at roughly $51,400. [Purchase]

HYMERCAR Ayers Rock 1

HYMERCAR Ayers Rock 6

HYMERCAR Ayers Rock 2

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