Hydro Flask Rocks Glass

Wherever man has gone, booze has followed. Whether it be to space, Antarctica, or out on the trail. For the latter, Hydro Flask has come up with the perfect solution, the 10 oz Rocks Glass.

Like all of the Bend, Oregon based brand’s most popular water bottles and mugs, these rocks glasses are totally insulated. Made from 18/8 professional grade stainless steel they’re designed to keep drinks cold for a full day and prevent your glass from sweating no matter how chilled the ice inside of it is. The glasses have been designed to be able to take 22 ounce lids easily, so you can pour yourself a finger or two of your favorite pick-me-up without worrying about spilling all over the campsite. Because keeping your booze cold isn’t enough for Hydro Flask, they also made sure that their glasses would be ergonomic and easy to hold by way of adding in a beveled bottom. Prices start at $30. [Purchase]