Hydaway Water Bottle

By now we’re all aware of how much of a scam bottled water is. But when you’re supposed to drink – what is it up to now – 72 glasses a day for optimum health, it’s hard not to occasionally find yourself paying $2.49 for something that’s so free, you actually shower in it.

The Hydaway water bottle can help you cut down on the bottled water shenanigans, as this pocket-sized companion collapses down to a 1.25-inch tall disc, making it almost camel-like in its water-toting efficiency. Hydaway is made from food-grade silicone and BPA-free plastic, and it’s taste- and odor-free, which is something we’re usually looking for in a swig of water. The small version holds 12 fluid ounces, while the large model can handle 21 ounces. There’s a carry handle and a flip-out spout, and it’s dishwasher safe. [Purchase]

Hydaway Water Bottle 1

Hydaway Water Bottle 2

Hydaway Water Bottle 3