Hutte Hut Trailer

Just like we saw in the Super Bowl, sometimes a rookie is the best person for the job. Design newcomers Sprouting Sprocket – comprised of husband and wife Brian and Katrina Manzo – are generating a buzz with their clever and sure, we’ll say it, downright cute Hütte Hut trailer.

This wood-and-canvas tent on wheels offers a small but charming space to rest on your journey, featuring plenty of natural light and eye-catching exterior that will surely stand out on the interstate. It’s a prototype at this point, but the couple envisions future versions to be built with a computer-controlled wood-cutting machine. They apparently got the idea after a trip to Amsterdam where they stayed at the citizenM Centraal, a hotel made up of more than 200 shipping containers. Hey, whatever works for you crazy kids. [Purchase]

Hutte Hut Trailer 2

Hutte Hut Trailer 3