Husqvarna’s First-Ever Scooter Is All-Electric & Made For City Commuting

If you’re familiar with Husqvarna, it’s likely that’s the case because you appreciate either their sleek, Scandinavian take on power tools or motorcycles. If, for you, it’s the latter and you were hoping they’d perhaps make something a bit more sensible for short, city-going jaunts, we’ve got excellent news: Husqvarna has just unveiled its first-ever scooter.

The concept is called the Vektorr and it marks the brand’s inaugural foray into the world of eco-friendly, urban mobility. Along with its unmistakable Husqvarna styling, this sensible two-wheeler is also said to boast an entirely electric power plant that’s good for a modest range of 59 miles per charge and a 28mph top speed. And while those figures might not seem all that jaw-dropping, they’re close to perfect when you consider the intended usage of this metropolitan cruiser. This eco-friendly vehicle is only a concept for now, but it does give us an interesting peek into the potential future of Husqvarna and its electrified future, so we’re definitely excited to see what’s yet to come.

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